Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To hell with Marx, I follow the Qun.

So I just finished playing Dragon's Age II, and let me tell you, it was awesome. One of the reasons I got the game was to play some DLC starring Felicia Day. Who is awesome, and a redhead, so I'm totally crushing on her geeky self. But it was the game itself that enthralled me. Great voices, great story, amazing world building.

And the Qun.

Imagine Marx as a desert prophet in the Middle Ages and you end up with the Qun. By comparison to serfdom, and a world controlled by a nobility (no equality before the law, that's for certain), well, wouldn't it start looking pretty good? Regular Meals, a respected Place in the Order. An existence defined essentially, by the principle,"From each according to their  ability to each according to their need."

Beats the socks off bowing and scraping to some inbreed with an inherited title, don't it.

All this from a video game (with Felicia as the sexy Russian Qun agent).

Gotta  love it - time to write some fan fic.

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